Scan and decipher your favourite products

Get the detailed analysis of a product by simply scanning its barcode with your smartphone or your tablet. Discover its ingredients, additives, allergens and much more.

Each product is rated based on four criteria selected by Labeleat:

• 50 % – Nutritional quality
• 20 % – Degree of food processing
• 20 % – Presence of additives
• 10 % – Organic nature

Labeleat deciphers food product labels and gives you the opportunity to know immediately and easily their impact on your health.


Search for products

Find specific products that fit you among more than 600 000 products. Search products based on various criteria such as compatibility with your diet, the grade, the presence of additives, the presence of allergens, the vegetarian nature and much more.


Configure your food preferences

Define your diet by excluding allergens and configure your food tolerances (additive presence, organic nature, vegetarian, without palm oil, etc.) to be notified whether or not products match your diet.


Compare products

Use the comparison tool to bring out the differences between products in order to drive your choices.


Get your nutrition summary

Get a daily, weekly or monthly summary of your nutrition. The nutrition summary gives you the opportunity to view easily the distribution of the products that you have ingested, according to the quality on one hand, and the sum of the nutritional values of the ingested products during a given period on the other hand.


Classify your products

Establish customized product lists that suit your needs. Labeleat also offers you predefined lists such as scan history and the ingested product list.


Play your part in the project

Labeleat is a collaborative application which gives you the opportunity to contribute directly to the development of Open Food Facts database by adding od updating food products.

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